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After Carl launched a very successful redo of a fellow organization’s web site, we decided to use his web creation services for our burgeoning company, Warrior Support Solutions. Carl worked patiently and expertly with us, helping us to formulate the initial storybook for our web site, and working with us to exchange modifications back and forth. We ended up relocating to New Hampshire during the process, and Carl graciously continued to work with us across the miles to launch our new web site. We are so happy with it. Just the other day, a business colleague remarked, “Wow, great web site! I am enraptured; can’t take my eyes off of it.” And, soon after we launched the web site, we got several glowing comments from colleagues that is was very informative, graphically pleasing, and very professional looking. We are so glad we turned over this responsibility to GraphicHome, rather than doing it ourselves. A web site is a company’s primary branding modality – not to be left to amateurs! Go with GraphicHome!

Melinda Tourangeau

Business Manager, Warrior Support Solutions, LLC

Carl Borsani does terrific work! I absolutely love the web site he designed for me: www.themaddenmemo.com

There are two things in particular that I think make him a great partner for a project (aside from his graphics and webmaster talent): He listens carefully to what you want while offering ideas to make your project a success. And, he works at a methodical pace without spending unnecessary time and money so that your project stays within budget. Carl and Graphic Home get two thumbs up!

Dennis Madden

Owner, The Madden Memo

Our Agency has worked with Carl for the past 10 years. He has helped us design unique mailers and email blasts, and given us unique ideas for advertising campaigns. We appreciate Carl’s prompt response to our needs and his creative ideas to help us obtain the results we’re looking for. We feel that we’re getting very professional, high quality work for a fraction of the cost of a larger Agency.

Angie Rice

Vice President, ISSUE, Insurance Agency, Inc.

Carl Borsani at Graphic Home did a great job setting up our corporate web site and producing matching printed materials as well as advertising items. We especially appreciated Carl’s ability to quickly understand the major themes of our business and cost-effectively project them across different types of media.

Jim Utt

President, Defense Engineering Corporation, Inc.

Carl Borsani was recommend to me by a colleague who knew of his work when I was looking for a webmaster. The website design started at our first meeting when I shared my thoughts as to what I wanted to achieve with the site. Carl created a sample and posted it on a section of the Graphichome site so I could see his thoughts or ideas regarding the design of the site and its functionality.

Carl communicated with me on regular basis and made changes based on my input as well as the input from others who were asked to review the site. The finished product exceeded my expectations and is able to be updated and added to as needed. This is important to me because things change all the time and the site was designed with change in mind.

James Halderman

Owner, JamesHalderman.com

For our company, graphic work has always gone to Carl Borsani. It’s one aspect of our company that is a given. It’s easy, seamless and quick. We get a great product in return with great customer service.

Lisa Salzman

Owner, Fire Tech, Inc.

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